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Bradish Ellames Recreation Ground,

Church Road, Little Marlow, Bucks, SL7 3RS

Little Marlow Cricket Club is developing an enduring and viable Youth structure which will help bring on young players from the local area, contribute to the club’s playing strength and invest in the future of the club. The development of youth at LMCC is a new and exciting period for the club.


In order to be successful, the development of youth cannot just be left to a few hardworking individuals – known as the Youth Development Group. Instead it requires the assistance and co-operation of all playing members to some extent.


To that end, the following five principles will need to be demonstrably and actively supported by members, giving up their own time where possible, so that this initiative can be carried forward.


1. To encourage young people from the local area to participate in playing cricket at LMCC.


2. To provide the highest possible level of coaching to young people.


3. To encourage the parents of young people to be involved in LMCC.


4. To assist with youth coaching sessions and events whenever possible.


5. To support the Youth Development Group, particularly the Head Coach.


As an obvious sign of commitment to the new ethos which Youth Development will bring to the club, all members should consider reinforcing the brand of the club and the image they are conveying to the young players by purchasing one of the new playing shirts as well as the new LMCC tracksuit which are now on sale.

Offers of assistance at youth coaching sessions and fixtures will be gratefully appreciated.